It is good to look beyond the words of those who vilify us to the will of the one who loves with infinite love.
We need to say that whatever God permits is for His ultimate good in us or others even though our hearts break and we shed bitter tears. It takes a storm to prove that a shelter is firm and steadfast.

Sadly, in making “to-do” lists for God, we miss to see the countless things He has already done.
Even the people who lived near Jesus and witnessed His miracles asked for more proof. Comparing Jesus to Moses, they asked, (John 6:30-32) “What sign will you perform that we may see it and believe you? Our fathers ate manna in the desert. He gave them bread from heaven to eat. ” The startling thing about their request is that just one day earlier, Jesus had indeed given them bread. He had picked bread meant for a boy’s lunch and fed 5000 of them with it!
Had we been in Jesus’ place we nay have replied, “What about the bread I fed you yesterday?”
But Jesus used the moment to teach them, ” I am the bread of life.”

Instead of waiting in doubt for God to do what we demand of Him, let’s take time to appreciate everything He has already done for us.
If you are waiting in doubt for a sign from heaven, I’m afraid you may be disappointed. God has given us a perfect witness- Jesus Christ; His anointed son. What we know of God encourages us to trust Him in all we don’t know.

Miss Anyetta. Thank you.


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