1. How to make all eyes turn as you enter a room
It is not the way you are dressed that attract attention. It’s the special aura that surrounds you.
The key to this is to hold your head high with inner confidence. A look that says you believe in yourself and deserve the best. The self assuredness is what will hold the gaze of those who behold you. Remember not to walk in a concerted or arrogant way; just a hint if self belief is all it takes.
2. How to charm almost everyone
Charm is part of the whole aura that will set you apart. Your voice and facial expressions play a huge role in this aspect. A well-modulated voice and pleasant expression will add to your charm factor. Play up the charm whenever you need it, e.g when you require better and faster services in places where otherwise would not receive it. For instance in government offices where goodness could relegate you to a waiting chair all day long.
Charm is actually the art of being nice and courteous to people as much as possible.
Use it on everyone all the time and you will soon see the positive results all around as your reputation as a very co-operative person grows. Please note that this is different from making all people around you confidants. It simply means being nice in a formal way.
3. How to make people forget your previous conduct
We all do and say things that we regret. It is all part of being human. Supposed you have developed a reputation for being hot-tempered, rude, arrogant and high-handed and deep down you know that you prefer to be perceived differently, how do you effect a change without having to apologize to anyone? The quickest way is to go silent for a while. Be as quiet as a church mouse, only speaking when spoken to for up to a month.
The aim of this is to make people to forget what you sound like. Once you are somewhat forgotten, start being charming and pleasant to the same people you were rude to.
You will be pleasantly surprised to note how readily your indiscretions are forgotten as the new you is embraced.

Miss Anyetta. Thank you.



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